What You Don’t Know

So, what you don’t know can indeed hurt you. This is coming from experience folks. I’d like to tell you a little bit about my run in with silica sand. Rather, I’d like to tell you about my run in with concrete, which has silica sand in it.

So, many people realize that fences require posts to be put in a hole in the ground and that hole filled with concrete. As I knew this, I went to the store, purchased bags of concrete, and began mixing it myself. I got the fence put up no problem, and it still stands today. However, it was a day or to afterwards that I started coughing heavily, and boy did my chest hurt.

What happened, according to doctors, was that I failed to wear a respirator while dealing with my concrete. Concrete has silica sand in it. Silica sand can, but thank God didn’t, cause silicosis if you inhale enough of it. Silicosis can cause tuberculosis and other infections. I got a minor case of lung irritation.

Talk to all the silica sand suppliers in the world and they’ll tell you, wear a mask if you deal with silica sand!

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Healing My Skin

My skin has always been terrible. No matter what I have tried, the break-outs seem to keep happening. I have visited dermatologists, tried every skin care product on the market that can be bought in a drug store, and spent more time worrying about my appearance than I would like to admit. However, I can finally say that I have found relief, and it is all thanks to a great wedding makeup artist.

When my best friend got married recently, she sent the other bridesmaids and me to a local salon to have our make-up done professionally for the wedding. I was embarrassed that anyone would be working on my skin, but I had to go. I wasn’t going to offend the bride. When the makeup professional saw my skin, she asked if we could talk privately. She showed me some all natural makeup options that I could try. These products have helped clear up my skin, and the makeup hides the few blemishes I still have. I am forever grateful to her for showing me natural products.

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What did you just say??

Now your children will never utter these words because they don’t listen nor care what the parent just said either. However I work in customer relations for a company and so when dealing with the public you will invariable come across someone that will say “What did you just say?” Sometimes I just don’t talk loud enough, clear enough or they don’t understand my accent. But from time to time a customer will say “Could you hold on just one moment honey, while I turn up my Stockport hearing aids?” My answer is always yes, of course because I always wonder how what I am saying must sound like to them or what they think I am saying. I fear the use of certain words when speaking to people that are hard of hearing because I don’t want my use of a proper word to be misconstrued for an inproper word.

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Life Before the First Cup

Early Monday morning, in downtown Chicago, in December isn’t the greatest time to be on the street, in shorts and a hooded sweatshirt, trying to get to work on time. When I was approached by a man that had seen me the weeks before commit the same act I was about to commit again. He asked if he could use my morning walk to my truck in his new advertisement experiment; I blindly and agreed. As typical Mondays and Tuesdays go I would rush to work because I would be running late and usually by Thursday I would get it together and be on time with time to stop at the local coffee. This morning, like most days in December my truck was covered in frost. When I approach I use the remote start to help thaw the glass so I can dfrive. This morning the door was stuck. So standing in the cold for about a minute I tried the door again. Failing a second time made me wonder if I could still get to work on time, and then it hit me. The remote start locks the doors upon start up. I was not distracted; I was just not fully awake.

Sometime in January, the man approached me with an envelope. He thanked me for providing him a great example of his vision for his experiential marketing London idea. In the envelope were camera phone photos of me mulling around my truck and as the photos got later in the week I became more focused in my posture. There was also a handwritten note from the owner of the coffee shop, it read “1 free coffee on Mondays with the owner.” I now visit daily.

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Convention Venues

Working with the exhibition staff when you are setting up an event for your company or your business can be a complicated endeavor, depending on the location that the event is going to be held at. These types of events are common for various businesses that are trying to get off the ground, as they are the perfect place for them to get exposure to potential customers and let the public know what they are about. I used to work for a friends company, who would have me go to these types of events regularly and promote the different products that the company I was working for produced and the success of the event often time’s came down to how good the staff was. This could be due to getting a bad place in the event, where no one would see the booth we were at, or a number of other factors, although they could also make things more than favorable and it was all based on the individual venue.

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The Alien

The aliens had found a way to make their excess sweat slime into a product that humans would enjoy. The slime was a multiple use device that could conform into different things. What you could do with the slime was absolutely endless. The aliens knew that they were going to be very wealthy off of their very own slime. This made them ecstatic. They didn’t know how they were going to get the humans on bored. The aliens decide to think over their favorite alien meals squid with human hairs. One of the aliens was very business wavy and decided in order to get the humans to like their slime that they must hire brand ambassadors. He was obviously the smartest alien in this given circumstance and every one knew it.

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